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These are tough times. With stay-at-home orders in place, schools closed, non-essential travel discouraged, and safety and economic concerns, most of us are basically just staying home.  Although the grounds and trails at the Refuge are open, many parks, public gardens and nature centers are closed, even if you were able to travel to them.

Several current and former Friends of Patuxent Board members have started the ball rolling by describing activities that are bringing them into closer contact with nature, expanding their knowledge, and providing some fun.


We encourage you to share your ideas and experiences, and why you enjoyed them.  Please provide a brief summary of your experience along with photos if possible.  We may not be seeing each other lately, but we can connect with each other through these shared experiences.  Please send your contribution for “Friends Connecting to Friends” to Cathy Kuehne at


Please note: “Friends Connecting to Friends” is an added member benefit and does not replace the Friends newsletter. We hope to continue publishing Friends Connecting to Friends biweekly. 

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