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Each month, there are opportunities for Friends members and Volunteers to become more personally involved.

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Help with accomplishing the mission of the refuge and research center. Many of these will give Friends and Volunteers a chance to experience events, projects, and activities over and beyond their normal involvement. To take part in some of these, a signed volunteer agreement MUST be on file in with the USFWS volunteer coordinator's office. For others, there is no such requirement. Each opportunity listing will indicate whether a volunteer agreement is required or not. Please check out the opportunities below. You'll be happy you did!

Wildlife Management Opportunities:


To give volunteers some advance notice about opportunities to directly support wildlife management activities on the Refuge, we've created a general annual calendar.

Please make a note of the things you are interested in and watch for more information as the time nears, or for more information, call 301-497-5949.

Christmas Bird Count: Patuxent River Bird Count: mid February

Post Hunting Deer Survey: end of March

Calling Frog Surveys: February - August

Songbird Box Monitoring: April through August

NABA 4th July Butterfly Count: June 24, 2017; 8AM-4:00PM; rain date: July 8th

Fawn Survey: end of March and August

Biological Data Collecting: September through January - MHNA