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Friends of Patuxent

Supporting Research, Wildlife Conservation, and Education at the Patuxent Research Refuge
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About Friends of Patuxent

About Us

The Friends of Patuxent Research Refuge, Inc., is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, and was formed in 1992 to support the mission and programs of the Patuxent Research Refuge and the Eastern Ecological Science Center in Laurel, Maryland. Friends of Patuxent raises funds for educa­tional programs, exhibits, and re­search at the Refuge and Science Center. The focus of the research includes contaminants, migratory birds, and studies of endangered species.

Located in the Wash­ington-Baltimore corridor, the Patuxent Research Refuge was established by order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. To this day, Patuxent remains the only refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System that is devoted to research.

The Refuge's mission is "to help protect and con­serve the Nation's wildlife and habitat through research on criti­cal environmental problems and issues."

The 12,841-acre refuge is home to the Eastern Ecological Science Center, formerly known as the Patuxent Wildlife Research Cen­ter. The Science Center is a leading international institute for wildlife and applied environmental research needed to better manage the Nation's natural resources.

Extensive forest, meadow, and wet­land habitats on the Refuge are managed for biological diversity, for the protection and benefit of resident and migratory species, and to provide a unique outdoor laboratory for wildlife management-re­lated research.

Friends of Patuxent operates the "Wildlife Images" Nature Store at the National Wildlife Visitor Center on the REfuge's South Tract. The Friends also holds seasonal fundraisers as a means of generating funds. Money raised is used to support the mission and programs at Patuxent Research Refuge and the Eastern Ecological Science Center.

Mission & Vision

FRIENDS OF PATUXENT’S mission is to support the research, wildlife conservation and education missions and programs of the Refuge and Science Center. We raise funds for educational programs, exhibits, and research, as well as other Refuge and Science Center projects.

The vision of Friends of Patuxent is that the ecology, habitat, missions and programs of the PRR and EESC are protected, promoted, widely-known, valued and appreciated.

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